My Philosophy

I offer my gifts in accordance with the same values by which I live my life. You are invited to meet me and share in a space built upon the following beliefs:


Sex Positivity and Inclusivity

Conscious, Compassionate Communication

Clear Boundaries and Explicit Consent

A Spirit of Curiosity and Open-Heartedness

Respect and Integrity in All Dealings

All of Life is Sacred: Treat It Accordingly

"Devi, you are amazing. I've seen other practitioners before but none like you. Not only are you a gorgeous woman with a beautiful body, but a beautiful soul. Thank you."

Bryan, Nashville

"My session with Devi was amazing, I felt seen, honoured, cherished and in safe hands. Her approach is grounded and spiritual, taking me on a journey of sacred pleasures while embodying my masculine and feminine principles in a higher cause. That of union, self-acceptance and surrendering to the divine within, harnessing the creative power of my sex. It was sublime to feel so much, to be so connected with my body. The ritual of puja gave me more awareness of my energetic body and opened my heart to trust unconditionally. I was bathed in my own essence and saw glimpses of the bliss beyond controlling the body or focusing on erection. Just being, not doing. If you are curious to learn what is it to be a tantric man, Devi open’s the door and guides the way. Bless you for this gift that you bring!"

Bradley, UK

"I had quite a profound time with you.  I can't get some particular aspects that I felt out of my head, which I guess is a good thing!  I feel like I want to continue to express and experience them over and over.  Even some of the phrases you used have been cemented into my consciousness, and I hear them frequently. Thank you so much for your attention and insight."

Eric, Philadelphia

"I’m really looking forward to seeing you again; you’re one of my favorite people in the world after only one meeting. I’m blessed to have several dear friends, male and female, but you’re more intensely alive than most of them. Like you, I’m an intimacy junkie; connecting with other souls is my favorite way to spend time and energy. I intensely want, not to possess you, but to possess the qualities you’ve discovered and worked for."

Tony, Boston

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Just as sure as I’ve never met anyone quite like you, I assure you you’ve never met anyone quite like me. And that is a big part of why I love my work so much! I adore the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of people, whom I might not meet otherwise. The element of surprise and the frequent delight that come from sharing in an exchange of energy, co-creating a meaningful experience and allowing ourselves to be affected by the unique alchemy of us is such a blessing. Confession for you: I’m an intimacy junkie. Nothing turns me on like truly being present with another, and I want to share that with you!


I began walking the tantric path out of an unquenchable desire for integration between my sexual pursuits and my spiritual seeking. After years of these two facets of my being feeling separate from one another, and at times even feeling at odds, I finally found ways to unite the potency and pleasure of my physical experience with the elevated and ecstatic states I had learned to reach through my inner experience. Sex is sacred. Passion is power. Denying this simply leaves us unfulfilled, and I demand total fulfillment of my wild and wise nature.


So I called in teachers, mentors, partners and loads of experiential practice to guide me along, and the fruits of my personal journey are what I offer to those who I am fortunate to serve. My background includes initiations in both a classical and neo-tantric lineage, years of guiding students and clients deeper into their bodies and breath as a yoga and tantra teacher, plenty of hands-on experience as a body worker and a signature blend of sharp intuition, deep devotion and grounded pragmatism that will swiftly put you at ease as I share these precious gifts with you.


In addition to the wisdom and skill I possess as a practitioner, you’ll also find that I am well educated and well traveled, two qualities I know I appreciate in those I spend intimate time with. Before choosing this path (or before this path chose me!) I earned my degreee from a top-tier university and spent more than a decade in the boardrooms of corporate America, and I have crisscrossed the globe many a time, living in the US, South America and Asia, studying extensively in India and Bali, and cultivating as much experience as a world citizen as possible. If it is high quality company and conversation that help you to find your flow when relating with someone, I am certain you will be satisfied here.


Welcome to my world, dear one. I'm delighted you're here.

"Devi’s sessions are playful, spiritual, educational, and simply fun. She not only knows Tantra but also has a deep knowledge of the human body and puts her intuition to good use during the session. If you are a seeker, you must see Devi. Highly recommended!"

Prem, Chicago

"Thank you for the life changing experience you provided me. In the first few minutes your beauty and spiritual nature put me immediately at ease. From that point of ease, you guided me through a deeper understanding of my true nature by helping me look within myself for answers. With a practiced touch you found the light within me and slowly built the fire around my heart space.   The crescendo sent waves of pleasure from my head to my toes. Thank you goddess. I await for the opportunity to visit your world again."
Paul, Boston

"Your touch is incredible. Your hands feel as good as the back side of the pillow and I've felt like liquid all day since our time together. Thank you once again for a yummy morning."

Lucas, Nashville

"It was a lovely time with you. The world outside of your eyes, touch and skin is hectic. Your words and touch filled and emptied. You left me longing but also satisfied. That liminal space is between is where the noise and silence are understood." 

Ernie, Boston


Dakini Devi

Tantric Touch