Sacred Offerings

Welcome to the temple of your body. I am thrilled to attend to you in this sacred space.  From the moment I receive you into our session, you will be honored as the god/dess you truly are, and the attention lavished upon you will always have your delight and expansion in mind.


Every detail of the ambiance is considered to create the best possible experience for our time together. Music to enhance the mood will entice you into the space, delicate fragrances will draw you deeper, and only the highest quality lotions, oils and lubricants will be used on your precious skin. Step into timeless time with me, and allow yourself to explore full sensory pleasure as you never have before.


Sessions are open to all – men, women and couples – and are woven together specifically to meet your desires and needs. As such no two sessions are the same, and there are a variety of elements you may wish to include. The following give you ideas of what’s on offer, and the true satisfaction comes in crafting a menu of these delicacies to suite your specific appetite:

Reverential Rub

The foundation of our sessions is to bring you into deep embodiment of your own self. Relax and let my intuitive touch drop you into a state of bliss as you are pampered from head to toe and everywhere in between with sensuous, skillful strokes, just the right balance of pressure to ease away any aches and open you to receive the full gifts of the experience. You may wish to incorporate an exploration of your root chakra as well, awakening to new pleasure and power. Options abound!


Embodied Intimacy

Let’s get belly-to-belly, breath-to-breath and heart-to-heart in this profoundly simple and profoundly powerful practice of cultivating deep intimacy, presence and relaxation. If you are looking for ways to truly move beyond the stress and the stories that confine you in your daily life or desire more connection and fulfillment in your relationships, this is a wonderful way to learn how you can create that experience for yourself and easily share it with others.

Session Etiquette

Prior Preparation

For all new seekers, I require that you complete an intake form first.  Your information is kept completely confidential. Once I receive all the requested details we will have a brief phone call to discuss anything further about your intent and practical inquiries. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with a basic check to ensure our mutual safety and comfort, please respect both of our time and seek elsewhere.

Holy Hygiene

Keeping your senses clear and your body refreshed is essential to enjoying to the fullest extent. Please refrain from smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol or consuming any stimulant, with or without an odor, in the hours prior to our session. You may shower at my studio if you are unable to arrive freshly bathed. Clean bodies and fresh breath are a must!

Sacred Submission & Sensation Play

Would you like to honor the Divine Feminine by bowing to Her wishes? Take direction from Her? Experience the feel as she binds you with rope or stimulates your senses with any number of textures and tools? Take a journey into time beyond time and hand yourself over in service to the Goddess. Let go of control and let yourself be taken to the states of ecstasy She plays in.

*This will be a moderate experience. Please seek a Pro Domme for a more in-depth BDSM encounter

Water Purification

Water cleanses, and water heals. Wash away your day or anything else that needs release by beginning your session with a bathing ritual. You will be showered with aromatic warm waters and gentle blessings, leaving you refreshed and renewed for all that lies ahead.

Educational Encounter

Perhaps there is a particular issue that you want to address or skill that you want to learn. Whether that relates to gaining confidence in your dating life, addressing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, learning how to experience full body energetic orgasm or exploring different forms of relationship – polyamory or BDSM for example, it becomes so much easier with an experience and generous guide. No subject is taboo! I'm happy to coach you through your explorations, offering an intelligent, compassionate, permissive perspective on the topics that matter to you most.

Foot Fantasy

In the culture that tantra is born from, it is a sign of utmost devotion and respect to touch the feet of a teacher or anyone who you hold dear, honoring them and also receiving a transmission through the contact. In our sessions we can take this even further and let your foot fantasies play in the sacred space we create. If you are curious about or already know you enjoy the feel of long, lovely feet and toes touching your body, we are sure to have fun exploring that together.

Classical Tantric Ritual

Be worshipped in the traditional tantric way by receiving a puja. During this short ceremony you will sit as the embodiment of the Divine and receive the offerings and mantras that are used by the priests and priestesses of the ancient lineages of Indian tantra. Flowers, incense and a tasty treat are some of what you will be offered, yet it’s the energy received during a puja that is the most delicious and transformational of all.

Your Tribute

As is customary when visiting a priestess in the tantric tradition, tributes are made in exchange for my time. These are to be placed upon the altar when you enter the sacred space as an offering and sign of respect for my gifts.


Depending upon the elements you choose to incorporate into your session, the following ranges offer a sense of the appropriate tribute.The exact amount will be communicated at the time of booking and additional gestures of appreciation are of course welcome in accordance with the value you place on your experience. Any questions should be addressed prior to arriving so we can focus on your journey.


1 hr: $350-$450 

1.5hrs: $450-$600 

2 hrs: $600-$750 

2.5 hrs: $750-$900 

3hrs: $900-$1050 


Sessions longer than 3hrs may be available, so please inquire if you desire a more spacious opportunity for your exploration.


Rules of Engagement


Respect and boundaries are key to us having a safe, meaningful and enjoyable session. Please be clear that I do not offer sexual surrogacy, escort or girlfriend experience services. I offer a sacred healing space for you to deepen into your own pleasure, expand your ecstasy and learn valuable tools for enhancing your life. If you desire something beyond those offerings, please respect both of our time and seek elsewhere.


Any requests for illegal services will be denied. I reserve the right to end a session at anytime for any reason to ensure safety and comfort of all involved.


Donations are given in exchange for time spent. There is no fee charged for services rendered.

Advanced scheduling is recommended and preferred, though same day booking may be available when I am traveling.

There is a 10-minute grace period for each session. Any delays beyond that will detract from our time together.

Should you need to reschedule or cancel a booking, kindly notify me as soon as possible. Like you, I have a busy schedule to attend to, and this helps me to manage my time.


Dakini Devi

Tantric Touch